External Control Module send Status/error msg to Clarity2Go?

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Should Clarity2Go mobile app display the status of controlled devices?

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External Control Module send Status/error msg to Clarity2Go?

Post by lmonda »


I am adding a new item to the Wish List.
The Request is very simple i.eAllowing the External Control Modules to report or send the sub device Status including Ready or Not Ready plus Error Codes
and other technical information when the Instrument is stuck with Not Ready State due to one of the subdevices having an error or something.
If an api is provided then Control modules set the Status text that would be sent to the WebServer and the CalrityGo App pick up the status and
show that in the App for all sub devices involved in that instrument.

Appreciate and request every one to Vote for this.

Lakshmi Monda.
VICI Valco Instruments Co.
Internal issue tracking ID:ISS-91121

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Daniel Mentlik
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DataApex Support
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Re: External Control Module send Status/error msg to Clarity2Go?

Post by Daniel Mentlik »

Dear Lakshmi,
thank you for the feature request, I have enabled the voting for this feature.
Daniel Mentlí­k

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