Implementation of Spark HPD selector valve as sampler

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Do you wish to implement Spark HPD selector valve as sampler?

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Implementation of Spark HPD selector valve as sampler

Post by Stellaschindler »

I would like to make a software wish. I have a customer that has a Spark Holland ACE (dual clamp) and HPD (4 SSM). They use the HPD as a sampling pump and each SSM channel pumps 20 mL of sample onto the ACE cartridge. Right now, we have to write a Clarity method for each channel being used….which is 20 different methods.

Would DataApex be able to add a “Variable” solvent channel selection to HPD Actions Disp. Aspirate and Disp. Pump? There would also need to be a Setup Column in the Sequence so that the end user could designate the HPD channel to be used for each sample.

Internal Issue Tracking Number: 85437
Stella Schindler

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Ivan Vins
DataApex Support
DataApex Support
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Re: Implementation of Spark HPD selector valve as sampler

Post by Ivan Vins »

Dear Stella,

the suggestion is possible, but it will mean to write down a new control module to use the HPD SSM valves as an sampler, which will be rather laborious and costly. In case it is for one specific installation, I will suggest to consider using a VICI-Valco multiposition valve instead of the SSM valves, for it the control module is already available. ... ampler.pdf
Ivan Vinš

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