Clarity communications with Sciex Analyst software

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Grant Bauer
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Clarity communications with Sciex Analyst software

Post by Grant Bauer »

Good Day,
We are promoting the use of Sykam HPLC's. Unfortunately they do not have control from Scoex Analyst software. They are prepared to purchase Clarity for the control of the Sykam products - would it be possible?

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Daniel Mentlik
DataApex Support
DataApex Support
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Re: Clarity communications with Sciex Analyst software

Post by Daniel Mentlik »

Dear Grant,
in general Clarity does not communicate with other software. In order to communicate with any hardware (e.g. AB Sciex instrumentation), a dedicated control module would have to be written for the particular hardware. Clarity does not control any AB-Sciex hardware at the moment (list of controlled hardware is here), and the development of a dedicated control module for any of their hardware in near future is not very probably, we are not receiving request for said control on a regular basis. Anyway, a development of a control module would be a lengthy process (at least several months) for each piece of hardware, even in case DataApex would decided to do so and found human resources to do so.
Can you please let us know which AB-Sciex hardware you have in mind in particular? I will add you to the list of people interested in the control, this may raise the project's priority.

Limited means of inter-software synchronization is possible, using command line parameters to force Clarity perform actions, DDE server to read out Clarity states or using intermediate TTL/relay signals for synchronization. However, such synchronization is not simple and must be implemented case by case.
Daniel Mentlí­k

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