Very simple wish...

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Very simple wish...

Post by hselia »

...easy to do I think and easy to understand: one of the features I like are the free updates with bugfixes etc.
However, all files are named install.exe.
It would help a lot if they at least were named something like clarity_install.exe or even better clarity_update_version_xyz.exe.
I've got lots of install.exe's on my system and it would help archiving and cleaning up a lot. :D
Gerd Klaassen

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Re: Very simple wish...

Post by ScottHorn »

I see how that would be easy to implement, however when I download a new version and my browser asks where to save, I just append the version number to the file name myself. I have a directory full of files with names like "Clarity Install 4.0.1.exe" and so on.
Scott Horn

Lenka Diblikova
DataApex Support
DataApex Support
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Re: Very simple wish...

Post by Lenka Diblikova »

Dear Gerd,

we have noticed your wish. I have assigned it an internal issue number (ISS-75615). Since it has a low priority in future implementations, you can easily help yourself in the way described by Scott Horn. To find out Clarity version you can also right-click on the install.exe file, select Properties and swith to Details tab. Clarity version is displayed in File version line.

Internal issue tracking ID: 75615

Best Regards,
Lenka Diblíková

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