IMPLEMENTED - user defined columns in for calculations

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IMPLEMENTED - user defined columns in for calculations

Post by gelli »

Hi everyone.
Some customers of ours using Clarity asked for the possibility to have one or more user defined columns in the sequence table in order to make them able perform calculations. As an example, the routine HPLC test for biogenic amines in urine is done on a 24 hour sample and it requires to calculate both the absolute amount/concentration (eg. mg/L, the common result obtainable by height/area calculation) and the total amount excreted during the day (mg/24h, which depends on the daily diuresis for each patient). If the customers had a column in the sequence table for inputting the 24h diuresis (L/24h) for each sample, they could be also able to have Clarity automatically calculate the mg/24h data by a user defined column in the result table for each sample.
It could be, as well, a general purpose column (a "multiplier" one) which colud be also used for other calculations, if a user defined coolumn shows to be difficult to implement...

thanks in advance!


Internal issue number: ISS62043
Gianluca Elli

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Daniel Mentlik
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DataApex Support
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Re: user defined columns in sequence for calculations

Post by Daniel Mentlik »

Dear Gianluca,
similar idea has been already requested by other users and is set as suggestion 62043 - Add custom fields into the Sequence Table and Method to be used in User Column calculations. The feature is not set to any version yet, but is considered interesting for version 7.0 (estimated release January 2016). I have added you to the list of persons requesting the feature.
Daniel Mentlí­k

Zdenek Telicka
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DataApex Support
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Re: user defined columns in sequence for calculations

Post by Zdenek Telicka »

We have introduced User Variables in Method, Single Run and Sequence table in Clarity 7.0. Users are now able to use those custom variables in Results - User Columns of the measured chromatograms. See the What is new in Clarity 7.0.
Zdenek Telicka