IMPLEMENTED: Users getting access to the same session

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Do you want Clarity to have the feature of relogging to the Instrument under different user names?

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Daniel Diggins
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IMPLEMENTED: Users getting access to the same session

Post by Daniel Diggins »

What we would like to see implemented is the ability for multiple users to log-in to the same system without having to close that system down between users.

For example.

User-A logs on to Instrument1 and sets up a sequence to run overnight. They lock the system once they have set the run going.

After User-A has left for the day User-B needs to log on to the same system and add some more samples to the end of the sequence, they unlock the system using their own login details and make the necessary changes.

The next day User-C unlocks the system and reprocesses the data and prints out reports.

We would like this to be possible and the audit trail to show which user did what at what time.

Internal tracking number ISS-65337

Zdenek Telicka
DataApex Support
DataApex Support
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Re: Multiple users getting access to the same session

Post by Zdenek Telicka »

In Clarity 8.6 we have implemented feature discussed in this topic. User can take control over the locked instrument. Please find a new option in the User Accounts dialog called "Take Control of Locked Instrument".
Zdenek Telicka