Using Clarity lite to run autosampler Varian

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Using Clarity lite to run autosampler Varian

Post by kepezzo »

Greetings everybody,

I have bumped into a problem |I cannot solve without some help from the community.

I have an old HPLC - |Shimadzu LC-6A with the detector SPD-6A. So it is really old , but hey, still running.
it was manually injected with Hamilton, yes, it is really old system.
The team before me added a |Varian Prostar 410 autosampler to ease up the injection, YES!.

PC is running |Clarity Lite system with Colibrick INT7 A/D converter.
IT was all running OK, but there was a fire in facility and afterwards because of different reasons team fell apart. Everything was then stored for some time and the cables to autosampler were cut in a way that I am not 100% sure how to connect them via RS232 connection (15pin) (two inject markers and auxilliary output).

the other half is - I presume that the signal to inject sample comes from Clarity Event Table going via Colibrick to autosampler (i can put autosampler in remote control mode). And this is the part where my expertise in HPLC runs out - i need help with that. I studied Rference guide Clarity, Colibrick A/D converter by Clarity , Clarity User Guide, etc, but all after that I still fell short and need help. I am not looking for explanation on relays, output, input :), was never good with "programming"....

To summup 2 issues:
1. cable connections - connected in a right way...
2. event table orders for injection (or differently if I am wrong). Or is the injection done manually on Prostar and that gives the impulse via Colibrick to Clarity to start the Acquisition? As I am looking old chromatograms done with |Prostar times are repeatable so the automation is there.....

Many thanks and best regards.
Uros Ocepek

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Re: Using Clarity lite to run autosampler Varian

Post by JaroslavKana »

Dear Uros,

Could you let me know serial number of your Clarity Lite version. How to locate the serial number is described in online documentation - ... -about.htm. Or at least serial number of your Colibrick A/D Converter. It is printed upper right corner on the back side of it.

Generally Clarity Lite is informed about injection by the A/D Converter through respective starting cables (INx). If the AS is correctly connected to respective INx cable of the A/D converter then if the AS performs injection and broadcasts the injection marker the signal is transferred by the INx cable to A/D converter and then to Clarity Lite. All this means you do not need to use use Event table in the Method at all.

Here below is description of the AS connector, you are basically interested in pins 1, 2 and 3.
Connector - pin description
Connector - pin description
Best regards

Jaroslav Kana

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