Installation Clarity 8.2.1 under windows 7

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Installation Clarity 8.2.1 under windows 7

Post by eves »

Are there any remarks if I want to install Clarity 8.2 on a PC with OS windows 7. The installation of the demo SW causes a windows error and does not start.
BR Jutta
Jutta Koerke

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Re: Installation Clarity 8.2.1 under windows 7

Post by JaroslavKana »

Dear Jutta,

can you send to what error messages you faced?

Please also attach diagnostic files:

C:\Clarity Demo\CFG\clarity.cfg
C:\Clarity Demo\CFG\clarity.dsk
C:\Clarity Demo\CFG\systeminfo.txtC:\Clarity\CFG\Debug_Logs\badtrace.txt
C:\Clarity Demo\CFG\Debug_Logs\install.log
C:\Clarity Demo\CFG\Debug_Logs\install.move.log
all *.dmp files from C:\Clarity Demo\CFG\Debug_Logs (may not be present, they are created during some problems only)
C:\Clarity Demo\CFG\Audit_Trails\*.audit for the days the problem appeared (file format is YYYY_MM_DD.audit => ‘2017_08_29.audit’ is audit trail file for 29th August 2017).

We will inspect those files.

Best regards

Jaroslav Kana

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