Basic Posting Rules

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Basic Posting Rules

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These are the basic rules and advices for posting on the Clarity discussion forum. Following them will greatly help you in the orientation in posted topics and topic consistency.

Search the forum before you add new topic.
When posting a new support request or problem description, try to search the forum if the question is not already present. The solution may be included in there, or the topic may serve as a good place to post your own question.
Give your topic descriptive name.
The topic name should clearly imply what the topic is about. Topic names such as "Need Help" or "Another Problem" don't tell readers anything about the content and the orientation and search in these topics is much more difficult.
Keep replies in the same thread.
When posting a reply to some other post, keep it in the same topic as the original post.
Use quote and keep it short.
When posting a reply to a specific part of the post, use the "Quote" function and delete the irrelevant parts of the quoted post.

We reserve the right to rename topics that don't follow these standards, merge topics that respond to other posts and edit or delete posts that contain violent speech, abusive content or otherwise break the rules of good behavior on the internet.
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