Clarity version 5.0 released

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Clarity version 5.0 released

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Dear users of Clarity Conference,

the DataApex company has released Clarity software version 5.0. This update to any older version of Clarity is free of charge for all users with hardware key and can be downloaded by registered users using this link.

This new version presents many improvements to the functionality of the Clarity station. Amongst the greatest improvements are:
  • Dynamic localization
    Clarity 5.0 is now installed with a multilingual support, and can be switched to English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian at any time.
  • Multiple Internal Standards
    Clarity can now work with up to five internal standards in the same chromatogram (until version 5.0, only one ISTD peak was allowed).
  • MS Evaluation Extension
    Clarity is now able to evaluate the spectral data from MS detectors. This also includes the cooperation with NIST libraries.
  • Support for changing the LC flow/composition during run
    Clarity now supports changes in the mobile phase flow and/or mobile phase composition during the course of the analysis. Every change is logged.
  • New Control modules:
    • HTA HT2x00H autosampler driver for HT2000H and HT2100H autosampler is available for testing
    • Teledyne ISCO Foxy Jr. fraction collector driver is available for testing
      Several other Control modules have been updated.
The complete list of improvements and changes is available at ... ersion=5.0.
Should you have any questions, feel free to ask at
Note: Users of Clarity older than version 2.4 can order the hardware key for small manipulation fee (contact your local provider for more information on shipping of the key). Upgrade from the CSW station is also available as all of the CSW data are compatible with new versions of Clarity (contact your local provider for more information on upgrade pricing).

Daniel Mentlik
Daniel Mentlí­k

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